COVID-19 Guidelines for Parents


Watch Precautions from Expert                     Watch Hand washing techniques

1) Teach your wards how to wash hands at least for 20sec. and encourage hand washing every hour.

2) Guide them the correct technique for coughing/sneezing i.e. via bent elbow & use of tissue papers along with the proper disposal of tissues.

3) Encourage use of masks whenever out of home.

4) Avoid long hours fasting but encourage small meals at short intervals.

5) Encourage eating juicy fruits especially rich in Vit- C, lemonades/ORS etc.

6) Provide your wards with their personal stationary items, water bottles, Tiffin’s etc. Teach them not to share anything with others.

7) If your ward is not feeling well /anyone at home is sick, like sneezing, coughing, nausea, sore throat, diarrhea, breathlessness, fatigue etc. Then make sure not to send your ward to the school & can rejoin only when Fitness Certificates is provided.

8) In case of any chronic/prolonged diseased conditions e.g. Asthma etc. please encourage for virtual classes.

9) Wash your ward’s uniform daily (if coming to school).

10) Please teach your wards the importance of Social Distancing to avoid direct contact.

11) Maintain personal hygiene & teach the same at home:-

  • Encourage bathing daily with soap & water especially when coming home from outside.
  • Encourage weekly trimming of nails & keeping clean, tidy hair.
  • Encourage the use of disposable gloves while shopping/moving out from home.
  • Encourage use of hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol, while away from home.
  • Encourage wearing of full sleeved clothes to avoid direct contacts.

Precaution is always better than cure. So since vaccines are a long way to come against COVID-19, please take proper care of yourself & follow all precautions as far as possible.